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Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Spring TBR

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl came up with this one, and I am happy to participate! It’s led me to find some really cool blogs to follow on Bloglovin’!

This week’s theme is the top ten books on your Spring TBR – makes sense, since today is the first day of Spring! I combined my current TBR pile with my preorder pile, and sifted out the top ten books I am most looking forward to reading between now and June 21st, when it’s officially Summer*.

* – in the rest of the world, that is – here in Georgia it’ll be summer in approximately a week.

These are in no particular order, but rather just listed as I stumbled across them in my jumbled brain, which is currently addled by Springtime allergies and an intense desire to flee north. I was not made for the south, y’all.

First is Illuminae, because it’s what I am currently reading, and it’s Spring as of today, so take that social norms! Sorry, I got excited. I fell way behind on my TBR Pile, as you can see from this 2015 release I am just now reading. Whoops.

Next, we have To Kill A Kingdom – I hear nothing but good things about it, so I picked up a preorder copy at the last minute and it is currently sitting on my coffee table at home, begging me to come love it. “I will when I finish Illuminae!” I cry as I heft my 600 page tome at it. “It’s not a quick read, you’ll have to forgive me!” I can see To Kill A Kingdom‘s face darken. It does not forgive. It does not forget.


Can we talk about my unbridled love of Scythe? We can, but then I have to tell you about my unbridled love for Unwind, and that would take at least 3 blog posts. So suffice it to say that I slammed the “buy” button on Thunderhead the second I finished Scythe, and I cannot wait to crack the spine on this one. I rarely keep my books once I finish reading them, but I kept Scythe. That should tell you something.

And of course my darling preordered Aru Shah, who I am so here for. I am big into #OwnVoices lately, and having loved and adored all of Rick Riordan’s universes (except Egypt, sorry guys), I was so excited to find out that he was going to publish this business. Roshani Chokshi is one of my favorite Twitters (Tweeters? Twitterers? She writes hilarious tweets), and I cannot wait for this to be on my doorstep next week.


Ace of Shades was another one of my “skim the summary and immediately preorder” books. I love books of this type – Caraval, Night Circus, etc – and I also love casino/gambling/Oceans Eleven-type plots. This whole mafia-relationship, gambling, “city of sin” vibe is just …. unf. I can’t wait.

As for Children of Blood and Bone, if I have to tell you why it’s on my TBR list, I can’t even form words right now. Go look up Black Panther. Then go look up the concept of “own voices.” Then cry because this book is perfection encapsulated. After you’re done weeping, read it. I am still in the weeping stage, so I will have to pick it up soon.


As a teenager, I loved the movie Practical Magic beyond all reckoning. Things like The Craft, too. I was obsessed with Hocus Pocus … anyway, The Wicked Deep plot summary made my inner fourteen year old scream “reeeeeeeeee!” and jump up and down, screeching like a banshee while yelling “BUY IT OR I’LL TELL MOM I HATE HER,” which makes no sense because I am 28 years old and my mother knows I do not hate her … but teenagers work in mysterious, forceful ways. This one should arrive today. You win, inner seventh grader. Go eat a Snickers.

All of This Is True is a concept I have been low-key in love with for years. A sort of Gossip Girl-esque narrative about a YA book signing gone wrong … I mean, do I need to say more? I hope I don’t, because I am staying intentionally unspoiled about this one – these sorts of books go best for me when all I know is the information on the flap. I am so here for the ride, though.


Time Bomb is the March 2018 “Once Upon a Book Club” selection for the YA box, and it gives me One of Us is Lying vibes – perfect, since I absolutely adored and raved over OoUiL. Apparently it turns the entire “teen school thriller” genre on its head, and I am here. for. it.

Lastly but certainly not least, The Astonishing Color of After. This one will be here tomorrow and it might rocket up my list when I get my hands on it, depending on how saucy I am feeling. Suicide is a topic very close to my heart – I work hard at preventing it and volunteer with two organizations to do so – and you rarely see a truth bomb of a book for the YA set dealing with that. I am so, so excited to read this, even though I know it will absolutely destroy my heart in the process. Take me, Emily X.R. Pan, I’m yours.

Please go check out Jana’s Top 10 Tuesday post for today, where you’ll find many fun and interesting blogs linked about the exact same topic. Have fun out there, and happy reading!

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    Joann Downie
    March 21, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    Great list! I have a bunch of these on my to read list!! Happy Spring!!

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