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Top Ten (Three!) Tuesday: Characters I Liked That Were In Books I Didn’t Like

I start every book treating it like it could be my next favorite. I give every single story the chance to completely enamor me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Is it the author’s fault? My own unrealistic expectations? Mercury in retrograde? Steve Jobs’? All of the above? The world may never know.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (as always, by the ever-amazing Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl) is about a similar issue: your top ten characters you liked that featured in books you didn’t like. There have been times I’d have totally abandoned a book were it not for a character that I felt particularly emotionally attached to. Not enough to redeem the book, but still redeemable enough to keep me from throwing the book into a dumpster fire. With that in mind, I will present to you my list! My list that is literally only three books long because I just … don’t read books I don’t like.

  1. Rose from The Cellar
    The Cellar is one of the most godawful books I’ve ever read – a kidnapping story about teenage girls that are forced to live in a creepy guy’s basement and do all sorts of weird, unmentionable things that don’t make a lick of sense. I’d have completely abandoned this book at one point, had it not been for Rose – Rose, who’d been in the basement the longest, who genuinely loved her captor and was afraid of the outside world. Her story was what kept me reading – I had to see if she made it to safety.

  2. Maddy from Everything, Everything
    Oh, Maddy. Your story was so trite and expected, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and I really detested that boy you fell in insta-love with for no real reason. But I was concerned about your livelihood, and that is what kept me reading – I had to make sure you were going to come out of this in one piece, even if it was in the world’s most unexpected fashion.

  3. Millie from Behind Closed Doors
    Let’s be honest – this book is a trash fire. Did I enjoy reading it? Yes. But it was like eating an entire bag of cotton candy – I finished with a stomach ache and an inescapable feeling of, “what the hell did I just consume?” The characters are ridiculous and the “bad guy” might as well be twirling an actual mustache and laughing by the train tracks with his wife tied to them … but then there’s Millie. Sweet, innocent Millie, the sister of the main character who is threatened with a horrible fate the entire book. I kept reading this one purely because I wanted to see Millie through to the end.

I really don’t have more than three because to be honest I get rid of books that are a ~waste of my time~, so I feel like I am sort of copping out of this one. Next week, hopefully!

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