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A Patricia Primer

Well hello there! If you’re reading this, you probably are either A) extremely bored, or B) matched with me in some sort of exchange that requires mild, affectionate stalking. (Aww!)

I write this blog post not because I’m super haughty or anything, but rather because I am the actual worst at talking about myself and the things I might want. When I’m faced with an exchange and the questions start coming, it’s like I get temporary gift amnesia and just sort of stand there going “I like … stuff …” and panicking. This blog post should hopefully provide an outlet I’m able to update that will show you a slice of my life, and maybe – hopefully – make it easier for you to get to know me without actually interfacing with me – after all, this is the internet.

Quick & Dirty Facts

  • Patricia
  • 30 years old
  • Birthday: 3/23
  • Aries, INTJ, enneagram 1
  • Born and raised in Georgia
  • In a relationship with a pretty cool dude whose hobbies include classic television/gaming and programming. He loves chocolate and candy and always appreciates any gifts with his name on them (Patrick)
  • Mother to two cats whose hobbies include destroying my furniture and screeching at 3 in the morning (Pixel & Pumpkin). They love love love toy mice, crunchy treats, and anything with catnip in it. They think every package I get comes with something for them in it because my matches for gift exchanges always spoil them. However even if you don’t give them anything, they’ll be pumped for the box.
  • I’m a left-handed natural blonde who has been a redhead since 2016
  • I work in nonprofit administration, until February 28th 2020. What happens after that? Nobody knows! I took a huge gamble, and moved to live with my boyfriend armed only with two cats and a temporary contract. My mental health is so much better now.

These are my two little nuggets, Pixel and Pumpkin (Pumpkin is in the front here). Pixel is 9 years old, and Pumpkin is 4. They alternate between beating the tar out of each other and snuggling close every night, purring affectionately. I don’t understand them, but I can only assume this is one of those things that only brothers can “get,” so I let it go.

A Little Bit Longer Now (Favorites)

Books: My favorite genres are young adult contemporary and adult/young adult mystery/thrillers. I like the occasional new adult story, but by and large these are what I tend to stick to. Some five-star reads from the last couple of years include Final GirlsNo ExitEmergency ContactSawkill GirlsCaraval/LegendaryEliza and her MonstersGirl Made of StarsThe Hate U GiveScythe/Thunderhead. If it’s not on my Goodreads, I probably have not read it, but I prefer to stick to my Amazon wishlist as far as books are concerned because I know for a fact I haven’t read those. My first love was Matilda.

Video Games: I am a PC gamer, but I do own a Switch too. My favorite game these days is Dead By Daylight, but I will always have a soft spot for games like Animal CrossingLuigi’s Mansion, and the Zelda and Pokemon franchises.

TV Shows: Brooklyn 99, Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs, Bob’s Burgers, Superstore, Parks & Rec, The Office, Friends.

Movies: I tend to watch a movie once, go “oh that was fun!” and go about my day. I have always struggled to come up with impactful lists of movies that have really imprinted on me – I can name movies I like, but I cannot name a favorite movie and I don’t think I ever will be able to.

Hobbies: Reading (obviously), video games, napping, playing with my cats. I have a mildly infuriating addiction to a couple of iPhone games, so iTunes gift cards are always welcome forms of currency. Bubble baths forever and ever and ever: bath bombs, yes please. Also candles and wax melts!

Collections: Tokidoki Unicornos!!!!! Bookmarks, fun pens, book sleeves, candles/wax melts. I don’t collect so much as I hoarde bath bombs and bubble bath.

Colors: Purple and pink.

Smells: I love lavender the most out of all smells, but I also love florals, ocean/beachy/rain scents, and the deeper, peaceful “manly” scents (think Midsummer’s Night by Yankee Candle). The only smells I really don’t like are foody ones.

Animals: Lions, foxes, elephants, other big cats (pretty much in that order).

Snacks: In no particular order: tender beef jerky, simply Cheetos white cheddar puffs, Sunkist fruit gems, Sour Patch Kids, crunchy M&Ms, the bag of Starbursts that is just reds, tropical Skittles, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Lindor truffles. I do not like dark chocolate. I am a pretty stringent calorie counter these days, so I can’t have a lot of snacks but if I get a treat or two I will treasure it and parcel it out.

Disney: My favorite Disney movies are The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast. My other favorite is Oliver & Company, but nobody appreciates it like I do apparently because the merch available for that movie is zilch. My favorite characters to collect things for are Belle and Marie (from Aristocats). The best ride at Disney World is Haunted Mansion, and I could kill an entire day at the Magic Kingdom just going between Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. The world needs more Haunted Mansion merch. I just really love the Haunted Mansion, you guys.

Pokemon: Eevee, Vulpix, Skitty, Espurr, Bulbasaur, Pumpkaboo.

Harry Potter: Ravenclaw, Horned Serpent, team “Harry & Hermione deserved each other but I also would have liked a weird parallel universe where Hermione married Draco,” team “Snape was not a good person sorry ’bout it,” and team “McGonagall is the HBIC forever.”

Dislikes & Don’ts: My ears aren’t pierced, and I have sensitive skin when it comes to jewelry so unfortunately if it goes on my wrist, neck or earlobe I probably can’t wear it. 🙁


I update these constantly, any time I find something that interests me!

Amazon: Here

Goodreads: Here

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