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Review: The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

I had so much love and adoration for Riley Sager’s Final Girls last year – I wasn’t sure if a book existed that could top it. Technically, it didn’t, because Riley Sager was still writing it. There is something masterfully ethereal in the way Mr. Sager writes his books – and for a male author, he absolutely has a deft grip on the twenty-something female psyche. While Final Girls dealt with the trope of the one woman left standing in the wake…

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5 In WWW

WWW – July 25, 2018 Edition

Hey there innertubers, it’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means – it’s time for WWW! Which I will always and forever call “Whatcha Wreading Wednesday” in my head, and you can’t stop me. This beautiful gem of a weekly post is brought to you by Taking on a World of Words, and on this blessed and hallowed day, we answer three questions: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you’ll read next?…

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6 In Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books Linked to Sensory Memories

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday (as always, hosted by the inimitable Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl) is a prompt that I really enjoyed puzzling and turning over in my head – ten books that you link to certain sensory memories, or that are just linked to things you remember. I really enjoy this prompt because it’s not going to just have the same 50 popular books that everyone else’s list does – it’s probably going to have some interesting, unique…

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7 In Housekeeping

52+2 Challenge

I read about the 52+2 Challenge on the books subreddit, believe it or not – /u/nacho7258 posted about this idea they’d conceptualized, where you use a deck of cards as bookmarks and assign each book you read to a different card. You write the name of the book on the playing card you’re using as a bookmark, and that way when you’ve read 54 books (52 cards in a deck plus 2 jokers), you’ve got a personalized deck of cards…

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5 In Review

Review: Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Bailey Rydell is perhaps the most cultured, educated 17 year old I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. She is incredibly intelligent and sassy, with an interest in being a museum curator and a dream of working with classic films. A child of a rather sloppy divorce, Bailey is taking a huge risk and moving from her mom’s (mostly useless) arms in Washington DC to her father’s beachside town in California. And that’s where our story begins. Rating:  How…

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11 In Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books of 2018 (So Far!)

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday (as always, hosted by the inimitable Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl) is a simple enough premise (which is good because I have no time to write this entry today, Tuesday snuck up on me oops): what are your favorite books that you’ve read so far in 2018? I’ve read a lot of books this year, and I have to laugh at my current GoodReads goal that is still set to a measly 28 books –…

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5 In Review

Review: The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir

I assume that you, like most denizens of the Internet, know who the Duggar family is. And if you don’t … well, frankly I admire you and would love to know how you’ve managed to avoid them all these years. But anyway, I digress. The Book of Essie is what I’ve hoped to see come limping out of the garbage fire that is the Duggar family, all these years later. An unflinching look at religious zeal, having your family broadcast…

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13 In Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Red, White, and Blue

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday (as always, hosted by the inimitable Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl) is all about America. (or your country of origin, your port of call as it were). Simply enough, this week we’re just showing off our favorite red, white, and blue covers! Of course, symmetry doesn’t work with ten books and three colors, so this is really more of a top nine Tuesday – sorry, perfectionists. I can’t help it, doing it as a cluster of ten…

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4 In Review

Review: The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden

There seems to have been a recent surge of quality when it comes to middle grade literature (see: Aru Shah & Breakout), and let me tell you: I am here for it. Middle grade books have all of the drama and intense subject matter of young adult literature, but none of the romantic entanglements. There is rarely, if ever, any sort of romance in middle grade literature, and if there is it’s simply a crush or a chaste first kiss. This tends…

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7 In Wrap Up

June Wrap-Up & July TBR

Wow, it’s already July! I eagerly await July 5th, the day the school supplies come out en masse and I get to buy lots of cute stationary items on sale. But anyway, that’s not the point of this post – seriously, though, my favorite time of year is when Target’s back seasonal section turns into a giant backyard BBQ/back to school/Halloween smorgasbord. Pumpkin spice will be back before we know it! I was thinking that I hadn’t really read anything…

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